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3 Month LilBowPeepEtc Subscription Box

3 Month LilBowPeepEtc Subscription Box

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This listing is for the 3 month subscriber box which includes 3 monthly packages. This will include everything the monthly subscription does plus and extra gift! Yep that's right... if they got 2 gifts y'all get 3! All gifts other than the tee you receive retail $8-$14.

What’s included? Remember you will receive more than retail price of the tee and your free items/gifts. (I will send an email or FB message with what to answer. Please message back your likes and dislikes after you have purchased) I will also be asking for a name or initials just in case that is incorporated for that month. <3 

(1) 3 Tees in total (meaning 1 tee a month with each box). Tees are customized to your likes you answer on questionnaire 

(2) A FREE gift (sometimes 2!)🎁 with each monthly packages - I promise you will not regret signing up.

Items and shipping are included in the package size you select. These items will ship separately than other order your have or may place due to their nature. No combining any orders with this product or package.  You will never receive a tee or item you already have from my shop. I will check for duplicates. 

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!! You also get access to special coupons that will be sent out for subscribers/holiday package subscribers only. These will be emailed or mailed in your box!

Make sure you also follow the FB group as well. Here I will communicate and share with subscribers and holiday package subscribers.

The next round of Package/s will be mailed on or before end of that month via first class mail and each following month thereafter to include 3 tees in total over the course of 3 months. 

**Subscriptions currently available in US only. NO APO addresses at this time. If you are at an APO address please contact me to set up your subscription as postage is different. I always want to accommodate you the best I can.

*No coupons are allowed to be used on subscriptions or holiday packages. 

Remember you can also use Sezzle for the 3 month subscription. 

If you wish to sign up for the recurring monthly subscription please use this link: